Eternalkeys – a Mimmo D’Ippolito “Eternal rose” Ep (Hortus Concl. Records)

ETERNALKEYS – “Eternal Rose”




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Mimmo D’Ippolito “Glacial Wind” (Ep)

Mimmo D’Ippolito ” Glacial Wind” (EP)



Mimmo D’Ippolito’s EP “Glacial Wind” is definitely an excellent album!!!! Perfectly representative of an enchanting and deep/ambient/new-wave sound!!!! The journey in this musical world sounds like walking through the clouds during a thunderstorm. I feel completely safe there, as I’m carrying a massive umbrella that protects me from the lightning as I hop from thunderhead to thunderhead. I’m surrounded by a faint red glow. Electrical rays shoot into the star, nebula, and galaxy-filled night sky above!!!! All the tracks are written and composed by Mimmo D’Ippolito Cover art and graphic design by Emiliano Pietrini

my word:

“Glacial wind” is an Ambient, electronic, cinematic Ep composed, performed, arranged, by Italian Underground composer musician  Mimmo D’Ippolito, recorded on winter 2013 published on 2015 with Hortus Conclusus Records. Ep in composed from 2 tracks “Glacial wind” , that start with some ambient stuffs, pads that bring the listener on Iced desolated and lost winter landscapes atmosphere, than track explose in a great Drum’n’Bass Jungle drumming with some Vintage synth influences; Second Track is call “ Farewell to childhood”, an ambient new age track made of Synth guitar and piano sound, very melancholic stuff to dream…



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MIMMO D’IPPOLITO – “Cryin’ Ghost” (Ep)


  (Ambient, Electronic, Cinematic)

“Cryin’ Ghost” is an Ep that including two track in style ambient, electronic, cinematic with mysterious mood typical of composer. “Cryin’ Ghost” was recorded on 2008 (single) is an  ambient , electronic , cinematic track with a very great mysterious thriller, suspence mood, that bring mind on desolate places, nightmares, tension of life, an in particular describe with sounds ghosts (as the title may say), supernatural events generally, and haunted mood. “Train Bridge” was recorded on 2013, is an ambient, electronic, cinematic track divided in 3 parts: 1 Ambient intro, 2 main theme, 3 final piano ending; at the moment of listen bring ears and mind on some vintage telefilms themes, so mysterious in his sounds and atmospheres, with a great idm drum machine, and a final vintage relaxing piano atmosphere . Tracks are self produced by Mimmo D’Ippolito, artwork and everything was/is/are made by Mimmo D’Ippolito too, that back at the origins with his self production, track are re – editing on April 2016.

(after not good experience with some indie – underground labels that don’t care about some artists and good works).

Mimmo D’Ippolito: Keyboards, Synths and everything…


Mimmo D’Ippolito ” Cryin’ Ghost” (Ep)

Cryin' Ghost (ep)

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Mimmo D’Ippolito “Plants in Motion” (Ep)





Link to listen:


MIMMO D’IPPOLITO – “Plants In Motion” (Ep)


“Plants in motion” is an Ambient, electronic, Cinematic music Ep produced by Italian Modern composer Keyboardist and Pianist Mimmo D’Ippolito based in Puglia (Carovigno) Italy, know also for / as Eternalkeys project in  underground music. Ep is composed by 2 tracks , start from “My Fairy Lost” , an ambient cinematic track with some Dark Wave Ethereal sounds recording , performed and composed on 2008 by Mimmo D’Ippolito; “Plants in Motion” is a Piano cinematic ambient track co – produced with Christopher Alvarado on 2014…Sound are so melancholic, describe sadness state of the world, decadence of everything in music. Ep is coming out with PETROGLYPH MUSIC one of the best independent net label based in Norway.













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new track produced by Christopher Alvarado and Mimmo D’ippolito two great underground musician dedicated to cinematic, ambient and post classical music a great combination about three style and atmospheres…recorded and produced between USa and Italy

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Mimmo D’ippolito “Natural Recall” – track/release 2014

Is Calling “Natural Recall” new Mimmo D’ippolito track – release, a nice Ambient Piano track, with some new age, cinematic stuffs, ethereal atmospheres…track is composing, arranged,played and produced by Mimmo D’ippolito with his typical sound trademark…track will be available in streaming on Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Dailymotion and many other channels…”Natural Recall” is dedicated to nature, relaxing, escapes, landscapes, solitude, reflections, meditation…


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COMPILATION FEAT. 30 Artists, from ambient to electronic generally togheter …


Another great issue of the excellent Midnight Radio Compilations, featuring many great musicians, like Fzk Wolf (aka Christian Fiesel), PhrozenlightCousin SilasColin Blake, Jesper Soerensen, Mimmo D’Ippolito and many more…



Sefl 2014 001


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Mimmo D’ippolito: Simply and Clear 2014

Dopo aver trascorso parecchio tempo a pensare e soprattutto a testare il “mercato”, la gente sul web e nella vita di tutti i giorni ho deciso di non usare piu’ “nomi strani” e monicker particolari (ved. Eternalkeys)…i motivi sono tanti e semplici: molta gente non se ne intende (se si può dire cosi’) di “nomignoli”, pseudonimi vari, non conosce bene la lingua inglese, fatica molto ad ascoltare prodotti underground scansati da vari PSEUDO – PRODUTTORI e pubblico stesso, e tutto sommato si fatica a crearsi un nome in un mercato musicale ormai saturo, nonchè a proporre “prodotti” estremamente di poca caratura e di basso ascolto inerenti ad un certo tipo di sound sul quale mi orientavo e mi sono orientato sino ad’ora. La “svolta stilistica” nonchè il cambio di monicker ,saranno orientati sull’ambient, elettronica con varie sfumature ed influenze non tradendo il sound originale e l’intenzione.





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Eternalkeys -a Mimmo D’ippolito project @ RADIO ARNAST

Eternalkeys – a Mimmo D’ippolito project @ Radio Arnast (Italy), Web radio dedicated to Common License bands – artist

tracks are taken from my different albums and mixed by Dj Titus

availables on:






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Eternalkeys -a Mimmo D’ippolito project intervista @ RADIO HEART

Diretta del 29 gennaio 2014, con intervista a Mimmo d’Ippolito a capo del progetto “Eternalkeys”. Durante la puntata ampio spazio alle sonorità tipiche di soundtrack, synth, elettronica, ethereal. A Cura di Vittorio Ferrari.

MIXCOUD podcast:



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