Eternalkeys on RADIO SUNRISE playlist

This friday 22 November plays Waveman in total 18 tracks…..and yes 10min, 15 & 20 minutes are in the show Cool John (20-22) & Norbert (22-24) / Radio Chat / Als gast einloggen Times are CET !! Only in the chat you have the most info !!
John plays: Eternalkeys, Bing Satellites, Nicholas Szczepanik, XISTH, Sequential Dreams, Zoe Keating, Fabio Anile, Perceptual Defence, Claude Chemin, Nemesis, E-Light, Ari Porki, Takla Makan, Pertti Grönholm, Glasburg.

Noby plays: music from the meeting Dino Treffen Bocholt(de) also playing: Hagen v.Bergen ,Beaker ,Mick Pluto,Wolfproject, Feinstrom , Tma & Friends ,Michael Brückner ,Freiklang ,Alien Nature , (*)Gerd Wehying .
(*) Gerd Wehying (Live from Bocholt) see U all




About Mimmo D'Ippolito

Mimmo D'ippolito (Brindisi – born 18-12-1982) is an indipendent italian musician (Keyboards/Piano), composer, self producer based in Carovigno (BR) - Puglia (Italy) (know also as Eternalkeys: Background, Contemporary, Cinematic, Electronic music project)...His Compositions ranges from Electronic, Ambient, Cinematic sounds, Modern - Post Classical stuffs...his music was in rotation in differents web and terrestrial radios, featured in differents podcasts, independents and underground music compilations, some singles are published with some importants indipendent and underground labels (Electro Arc, Wondermark Digital distrib., Enigmatic Records, Ecstasy Records, Petroglyph music,…), Videomakers e Film Film makers (Reportages, Documentaries, Films, Trailers, shortfilms…many to list); he’s Play in some live session piano in front of hundred peoples (Piano solo project), his music videos counts hundred views on the web. Mimmo D’ippolito started to study music very young at 11 years old, he have a classical background studies (piano, Composition and Theory), he studied with different teachers and played in different underground projects, but most of all he’s dedicate from different years to compose, produce and promote his self music compositions, and research of different sounds and music styles.
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